About us

Vagus is the 10 th cranial nerve.which stardomyhomework.pro mailorderbridets from the brain.it carries parasympathetic nerve fibers which have vital effects on our heart pulse rate and blood pressure. home dehumidifier amazon asia charm review Vagus has isomeone to take my online class essaywriterusats supply in the neck in chest and also in abdomen. Thus it has a very large area of distribution its a sensitive nerve as it gets easily stimulated in subtle alterations of vital functions it is also called the vagabond or the wanderer as it supplies anything and everything in our body . Vagus nerve has its effect on heart pulse rate and home dehumidifier amazon asia charm review BP lung function and respiration.gastrointestinal function and the mdomyhomework.pro mailorderbrideost important being on autonomic nervous system.

For the question…what is vagus?

Vagus the parasympathetic is probably the most sensitive nerve in our body. Latin meaning of vagus is vagabond..who roams anywhere and everywhere so vagus is a nerve having a large non selective area of distribution in our body. It was the result of random thought of a few cmc graduates of 1990 batch to give their life a different directsomeone to take my online class essaywriterusaon that vagus came into existence. With the recent happenings of violence and intolerance towards doctors and healthcare establishments the loss of trust or faith between a patient and his doctor and total consumerisation of our service we all often feel that we are all in a thankless job. At the end it is not money but the respect and gratitude from the patient that we cherish in our profession. Today..it is not the common people only who are intolerant or impatient there is also gross social and moral degradation among we the docs Several democratic and medical forums are created to speak for the docs but we feel that just shouting slogans and coming down to the road with big placards would not give us back our lost pride and respect more important is the trust faith and dependency a patient used to have on us. Hence we all decided a different way of silent protest to all the atrocities against us we created VAGUS a total charitable trust built with a vision to serve the poorest of the poor the deprived the destitutes the oppressed and socially isolated. We have created a corpus fund by small donations of each of our batchmates which we shall use in basic education and health hygiene.in maternal and child welfare in helping the orphans destitute and socially outcast class….

why we started vagus ?

We make a living by what we get , but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill
A small step taken towards a larger dream to help and to heal.
Philanthropy with a mission to serve everyone is our philosophy. We as alumnus of Medical College Kolkata class of 1990, dream big to make Vagus a success in terms of serving and benefiting society at large, irrespective of race, gender and financial ability.
We hope and dedicate ourselves to serve as medical professionals to the needy. But we at Vagus are also involved in preventive care. Preventive care through health camps, education at schools, by conducting seminars and related activities.
We have great aspirations, to build a strong foundation and leverage our collective abilities. To take giant strides, reach out to a larger section of the community, inspire more people join us and participate in a increased number of activities.
In the words of Desmond Tutu “Do your little bit of good where you are; its those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”