Philanthropy is not about the money. Its about using whatever resources you domyhomework mailorderbride.prohave at your fingertips and applying them to improve the world. Melinda Gates

At the heart of philanthropy lies the concept of giving. It is about contributing in any which way possible, be it fiscal, time or in the form of ideas.
Being a initiative by a group of doctors, the principle mission of Vagus is to provide medical assistance, which makes a difference to deprived sections of society.
We will collaborate with other NGOs and offer interventions, to improve the domyhomework mailorderbride.prolives of people who truly need our support. As Saint Teresa once said “ Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

Dr. Kaushik Kar adds:

Vagus is the 10th of 12 nerves that originate in the brain, it carries parasympathetic nerve fibres which help our heart to beat, the lungs to breathe, the intestine to digest food and finally tells your body to chill out.
Essentially we could call it the team captain of nerves.
It is also also a vagabond or wanderer in the sense that it supplies anything and everything in our body. So this “Vagabond” most importantly controls our autonomic nervous system like a master conductor in a symphony of musicians. This master conductor is at once invaluable without willing to take credit for his continuous engagement.
Additionally would like to add
Even though VAGUS has similarity with vagueness, our vision and values in this initiative are anything but vague. We are determined to bring meaningful changes to the underserved in our society.
The reason for any philanthropy starts with “need”.
So many in our society have been forgotten and left behind everyday because of lack of multitude of resources.
Most importantly these include basic human needs of food, shelter and health.
We would focus on the needy in our society and try to conduct the activities of Vagus in a way that can provide some symphony to the lives of those that were almost bypassed.